Hard riffs and sensual screams combined with soundscapes and wide variety of stylistic influences – that is the world of CADÛ!
Their shows are charged with ecstatic experiences – driving and trippy, from psychedelic to brutally metallic sonic universe, everything is present in their compositions. The cult of magic held high again and revived with disturbing dances.

CADÛ have established themselves as an intense live act, drawing the listener deeper and deeper into their world and gaining a loyal fan base. They played shows all over Europe, opened the MASTERS OF PUPPETS music festival in Czech Republic as part of a shamanic ceremony and played with MOTORPSYCHO in the big hall of ARENA, one of the most renowned rock venues in Austria, toured with the American rock band TITO & TARANTULA and supported MOTHER’S CAKE for some shows.

In 2019 they released their debut album STEELSTREET, which was recorded in Romania in 2018 (Stonefree Records)

Despite difficult circumstances during the lockdowns and the cancellation of their first China tour, the 4 heads of CADÛ did not stop writing more songs. From these now follows the second album PSYCHOTIC PARADE (release 2023).

With innovative ideas and fun united 4 individual sound universes and present themselves once again as an atmospheric unit. A general coming together of diverse, social groups, as different as each individual may be – breaking down norms and borders with sound, that is the goal of the 4 musicians: inside, that is the magic of CADÛ.

CADÛ commit to the principle of radical expression as a free art form: By breaking creative norms and borders the band aims to inspire the listeners to move beyond their own norms and borders and open a space for a wide audience regardless of genre or background. Their songs are visions and reflections of subconscious dream worlds colliding with the 21st century human experience.

Clemens Hackmack from the north (Linz) has been shaping CADÛ since its founding in 2017 with his guitar sound and songwriting, Timothy Luger from the west (Bregenz) drives the lowend with his bass, Max Mayer from the east (Vienna) holds the earthy rhythm together with drums and sample pad, and Scharmien Zandi from the south (Villach) burns new standards into the scene with her voice.

Clemens Hackmack (git / back voc)

Timothy Luger (bass)

Max Mayer (drums / pads)

Scharmien Zandi (voc – sounds / git / transverse flute)

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