[tschaduu kurd. spell, vodoo, magic]


CADÛ is a heavy trip rock formation hailing from Vienna, where the cult of magic is celebrated and enlivened with ecstatic dances. Dynamic rhythms, hard riffs and sensual screams, combined with improvised jams, where the full force of the synthetic energy flows and collapses like a wave of indefinable emotions. Breaking norms, that’s the magic of CADÛ!

Between deep progressive sounds to spherical psychedelic worlds, CADÛ use different instruments and vocal techniques to create a variety of soundscapes, expanding the classic rock formation of electric guitar, electric bass, drums and vocals with various rhythm, wind, keyboard and electronic instruments.

Back on national and international stages, CADÛ present a driving and trippy live show where the pure and raw borderline experience becomes audible. A charged ecstatic experience where the uncompromising artistic expression promises a dance and headbang factor.


Since October 2016, Clemens Hackmack and Scharmien Zandi have been using music and performance art to create a universe in which they push the boundaries of conventional composition and performance techniques and experiment with elements of rock.

With new songs in tow, they have expanded their versatile live program with Florian Lukas (bass) and Martin Pöchmüller (drums), promising uncompromising artistic expression with dance and headbang factor.

CADÛ themselves say about it: „We know that the world is fucked up and doomed…. just like us. But we’re sick of the „age of anxiety“! We are more driven to party! We want to celebrate sound, beautiful creatures, art, crises, improvisations, energy and ourselves. You too? Then come with us to the PSYCHOTIC PARADE!“


As sprawling as CADÛ show themselves on the first album „STEELSTREET“, the second album „PSYCHOTIC PARADE“ is more direct. Here they have put aside the „overcoming of boundaries“ to create / process this time pure and raw borderline experience.

PSYCHOTIC PARADE proves to be a sound image of our society today – in change, in departure, in leaving the old, in discovering the new, but also in finding the abysmal.

Artwork by Kawa Kafruschy
Label StoneFree Records, Fall 2023


With their debut album STEELSTREET the European progressive rock landscape has not only gained a sonically new music, but also an energetic live band. CADÛ’s live shows made them an insider tip of the Austrian under-ground scene, and this helped them land bigger gigs as support act for rock greats like Motorpsycho, Tito & Tarantula or Mother’s Cake

Their songs are visions and reflections of a subconscious dream world that collides with the human experience of the 21st century.

Artwork by Irrwisch
Label StoneFree Records, 30.03.3019


HUNT – collaboration between Ultirma Radio & CADÛ, 2022
Live Video Session at Deer In The Headlights Studios, 2021
Live Video Session at Beardy Mountain Studio #acfbeijing, 2020
Live in B72 Vienna, 2019
STEELSTREET Tour #pegel 2018

CADÛ does magic since 2016

  • 2023 participation in the opera performance SuperZero, Baby at the Kammeroper Wien, PSYCHOTIC PARADE Release Fall 2023, DACH Tour, Festivals
  • 2022 production PSYCHOTIC PARADE (Beardy Mountain Studio, AT), Winner of the CEWE Photo Award © The Funky Eye ‘Die Band’, support Mother’s Cake,
  • 2021 Video Live Sessions, participation in the opera performance DIONE (Theater Arche Wien)
  • 2020 Label signing Stonefree Records, Cancel China Tour, Video Live
  • 2019 release – tour, festivals, support Motorpsycho, Tito & Tarantula, Balkan tour
  • 2018 DACH – tour, production STEELSTREET (Tom Cat Studio, RO)
  • 2017 first live performances
  • 2016 foundation of CADÛ


Scharmien Zandi is an Austrian-Kurdish artist in the fields of music, performance and multimedia art. Her works and participations include music, musical theater, theater, film, text, audio and video installations and have been shown in China, Europe and the US. In 2020, she was awarded the Austrian Music Theater Prize for „Amour Fou“ and is the founder of the form Opernperformance. She currently works as a composer, musician, director and actress at Schauspielhaus Wien, Landestheater Innsbruck and Musiktheater an der Wien.  As a musician and singer, she participates in the Austropop band Misthaufen, the trip-rock formation CADÛ and the AI music project funKI, among others.

Clemens Hackmack is a Linz-born guitarist, percussionist, singer and producer and has been creatively active as a musician since the age of 16. As a founding member of the bands Triptonus and Cadû, he has released a total of 4 albums that strike a niche between psychedelic rock, metal and world music. Furthermore, as producer of Efi Sussmann’s album „Impossible to Realize“, he was instrumental in the instrumentalization and realization and releases self-produced tracks that range from electro to trip hop, but always have an independent sound. As a guest musician he can be heard on the new Ultima Radio album as well as Half Baked Cheese’s self-titled album.


Michael Auinger (sax), Sarah Brauneis (grafic) Choir of Madness, Irrwisch (artwork), Kawa Kafruschy (artwork), Raffael Lenz (voice), Timothy Luger (bass), Florian Lukas (bass), Max Mayer (drums, digeredoo, percussion), Lorenz Mayer (voice), Steph Myselle (visuals), Manuel Pitsch (percussion), Thomas Pöschl (audio), Martin Pöschmüller (drums), Götz Raimund (video) Roxanne Sankovic (e-viola), Sarah Scherer video), Sparkley Pony (video), Planet 9 (audio), The Funky Eye (pictures) Ultima Radio (collab)